How do I sell my car to the best used car buyer?

First you need to click on contact and submit a form, try to be as honest as possible and include as much information as you can, both good and bad.

What vehicles do you buy?

Normally we would choose prestige marques or 4x4`s but, whatever you have, if it is a proper and genuine car, we may well be interested, always worth asking.

What happens next?

When we receive your form we will contact you on the phone for a quick chat and to see if we can help you sell your car to us.

What happens if I owe money on my car?

No problem, we will pay the Finance Company and give you the balance, we will ask you to find out how much you owe, by way of a settlement, as this information is data protected, if you’re not sure who you are financed with, don’t worry we will tell you and give you details of how to get your settlement. If you owe more than it’s worth we will ask you add the shortfall.

What paperwork will I need?

You will need to have the following:

  • V5C Registration Certificate, showing your name and address
  • MOT Certificate
  • Service History and owners manuals
  • All keys and remote fobs

What if it is not registered to me yet?

Unlike We buy any car and most others we will still buy your vehicle if you are not yet the registered keeper, you will need to show proof of ownership, invoice bill of sale etc.

What if I have a private registration plate on my car, what do I do?

No problem, we will still buy your car, you can decide if you want to put the number on Retention for use at a later date, or transfer it to another car that you may own. We will carry out this process for you.

Where do you buy from, I’m a long way away from you?

For the right car we are prepared to travel, normally we will come to you and collections are free, longer journeys may have some of the extra costs factored into the buying price, this is normal.

How do I get paid?

We can pay you by Bankers Draft, Bank Transfer, Company Cheque or any mutually agreed method, If you end up owing us for any thing such as negative equity, or DVLA fees, we accept all Major Debit and Credit Cards.

When can I get paid?

As soon as we agree, we have concluded some transactions in under 1 hour.

What do I pay you if you buy my car?

Nothing! That's right, Nothing.